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Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Capricorn

26 December 2019, 5:13am, London

Just after the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere on 21 December, we have a new moon in Capricorn, although this is no ordinary new moon because it forms a partial solar eclipse, shading the sun and lifting the veils through time and space. The energies add potency to new beginnings, bringing potential for exciting opportunities and the unexpected to come our way.

The Capricorn sun and moon are expanded by Jupiter, conjunct the south node of the moon, symbolic of our collective and personal past and there’s more; they form a beautiful trine with Uranus, the awakener and liberator. In addition, there are five planets in earthy Capricorn that relates to responsibility, maturity, wisdom, old traditions, conformity and more.

So, what does this all mean?

We are at the gateway of another decade and a new time on earth. The world can seem a dark, unjust and oppressive place if we allow ourselves to be drawn into that ‘reality’. And as we enter 2020, there will be changes that follow Pluto (rebirth, transformation) and Saturn’s (limitation, restriction, fear) exact conjunction on 12 January 2020. More than ever before, we are guided to raise our consciousness and focus upon creating a new world, free of domination and abusive control; a world that brings more equality and unity for all, an earth based on love, rather than fear and materialism. In order to accelerate this evolutionary process, we must come together and expand light, no matter what is occurring elsewhere and we will be tested.

The solar eclipse is yet another signal to jump forwards into the roles we were destined to assume, to become masters of our innate skills and unique qualities, to use them wisely for the greater good. Capricorn keeps us solid and secure as we are directed to liberate ourselves from the past and forge ahead towards the next stage of our collective journey with faith and joy in our hearts.

Remember to take time to set intentions as this is a powerful energy portal.

With love, Siobhán

Photo credit: Jongsun Lee, Unsplash

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