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New Moon in Scorpio

27/28 October 2019

The sun has entered Scorpio, joined by Mercury and Venus and the new moon in the early hours of next Monday morning (London) and we begin the descent into our inner lives. Scorpio can be profound, definitely intense and helps release our shadows, those parts we hide in a box out of sight until the subconscious comes to the surface and they become visible. It goes without saying that this occurs to help move us forwards, to face and clear the shadow self in order to evolve and upgrade our consciousness.

With the energies as they are, we can experience sudden changes over the coming weeks, especially at the new moon because Uranus, associated with the unexpected, both surprises and shocks opposes the sun and new moon. This is unpredictable, erratic energy so remain grounded and aware especially this weekend.

Uranus symbolises the higher mind and is the awakener, calling us to listen to inner guidance and be more conscious of the bigger picture, rather than being immersed in the 3D story and missing the soul’s true intention/message. Therefore, some can gain sudden insights or experience a shift in consciousness through unexpected events, even unpredictable behaviour of others or through dreams and meditation.

These energies can of course unfold differently and accelerate the forward path as new opportunities and people enter our lives or the sudden breakthrough we have longed for, finally arrives and the path ahead is illuminated more brightly.

With Venus and Mercury in Scorpio, relationships are also in the spotlight and this energy guides us to create more authentic relationships, to have honest and meaningful conversations to help deepen and fortify our close relationships.

Remember, Scorpio has no time for superficiality and we are all called to reflect more deeply, to be aware of our internal dialogue and how we express ourselves. Equally, we must be true to ourselves, honour our feelings and continue peeling back and removing the shadows of the past as we create new intentions for the coming months aligned with our inner guidance.

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