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New Moon in Sagittarius

26 November 2019

Restoring the light in our hearts.....

New Moon in Sagittarius – Tuesday, 26 November, 3:05pm, GMT

The optimistic and expansive energies of the sun and moon in Sagittarius restore the light in our hearts, preparing us to be inspired and open to new opportunities. This new moon reignites our faith and courage to travel beyond the past, into the unknown. It is not time to stay small but to expand our vision and observe the picture of our lives from a higher perspective so that we align with our soul’s calling and personal truth. Over the coming days, we can be divinely inspired and guided to scatter seeds for the coming year.

Mars in Scorpio opposite Uranus impel us to move forward, to take some risks, continue breaking free of past patterns, outdated beliefs and behaviour to create energetic space for a more conscious and empowered version of self to step through. Some may feel as if they are swinging between the old and new, but there is no turning back now as we clearly hear the soul’s intentions and move ahead consciously, with faith and our hearts open.

Sagittarius is a reminder that the portal to limitless possibilities is right there. We simply have to expand our vision, open our heart and mind, be explorative, adventurous and follow our instincts. Liberate yourself! Happy New Moon

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