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New Moon in Pisces

23 February 2020, 15:31, London

The new moon always represents the start of a new cycle and the sensitive, gentle Piscean energy with Mercury retrograde, calls us inwards, to attune to our flow, separate from the external world to dream an infinite dream. Sensitive souls will welcome the lightness of this energy as if a portal of light envelops us, making space for the expansion of intuition, creativity and sensitivity and to merge with oneness.

Time to reflect, meditate and spend time in nature, close to water, any silent practice that clears the veils between dimensions and calls us home to the heart space where we can receive more light to enable the heart to sing louder.

These days can be deeply healing and intense emotions, can be washed downstream, opening the path ahead. Sensitives should check if emotions arising belong to us or someone else and if so, return them with love and consciousness. Cleansing the energy field is essential right now and enables us to receive divine guidance, to reach our inner realms, to find clarity and discover our treasure, deepening awareness of our creative potential, the blocks that the subconscious mind creates - to know ourselves more deeply than before, beyond the physical.

Don’t forget to set your intentions. Be open to receiving more light, peace, harmony and joy.

Enjoy this mystical dance!

Happy New moon.

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