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New Moon in Aquarius

24 January 2020 at 21:41, London

The first new moon of 2020 in Aquarius is a marker for new beginnings, a light, free and faster moving energy than we have experienced of late, as the Capricorn energy slips into the background, for now at least. This is an opportunity to change perspective, to think outside the box and attune to the guiding hand that brings sudden insights and new ideas.

Aquarius is innovative, liberating, futuristic, symbolising the future, alien concepts and artificial intelligence. Undoubtedly, we are moving towards an age when significant technological advances will be made and the face of the world as we know it is changing. With Uranus, ruler of Aquarius in Taurus (earth) for the next few years, major advances will be made in medicine, alternative therapies will become mainstream and there will be developments in communication and agriculture and new technology is already being created to assist mother earth. Another side of Aquarius is disconnection and detachment, something to consider on a personal and collective level.

In addition, we are discovering new ways to sustain ourselves and many are moving towards community living. Aquarius relates to the humanitarian, caring and loving others as equals, assisting those in need, ultimately creating a fairer world. This new moon brings our attention to these qualities and reminds us to be kind and live in accordance with our higher values rather than striving to meet our personal needs.

Uranus makes a square to the Aquarian sun, moon and south node, forcing us to move forwards, break free from the past, take a leap of faith and expand the higher mind. It also calls us to step into the role of observer, detach from drama and be receptive to gaining new information and ideas, as wild as they seem for, they may very well help create a new and exciting future.

Don’t forget to set your intentions.

With love, Siobhán

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