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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer



10 January 2020, 7:21am, GMT

Just two days before the exact conjunction between Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn that has been building intensity for a long time, there is a full moon lunar eclipse in Cancer opposing three other planets in Capricorn. This creates a magnetic gateway we are pulled towards and there is no turning back. It is time to evolve.

During 2019, the Capricorn/Cancer nodal axis guided us to create balance between our need for emotional and material security with the emphasis upon following the inner voice of the soul (north node in Cancer) that knows where we have to travel to evolve in this lifetime and demands that we dismantle the structures that have kept us small, disempowered and stuck in the past. This means listening to the heart and even if the pathway ahead seems challenging or impossible, we have to grow in potency. This means removing the shackles, doing our inner work and moving ahead with faith and in the company of those who are in alignment with our values and truth. This theme continues in 2020.

The Cancer moon can bring old memories and unhealed wounds to the surface that have to be resolved in order to expand into the new. Being the mother archetype, it shows where we are held and nurtured by life whereas Capricorn symbolises where we have become limited, restricted and stagnant.

The Pluto/Saturn conjunction is forcing us to restructure our lives and to transform. This is happening simultaneously on a global level. It is clear to see that the system of domination and control is slowly beginning to lose power (Pluto) but the game is not over yet.

Within this intense period, the Moon trine Neptune forms a beautiful pathway, a reminder of our guiding light within the physical. Within the stillness of the heart space, we can remain powerful, calm and wise amidst the chaos of the 3D world and keep going.

With love, Siobhán

Photo by can shengli on Unsplash with gratitude

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