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Full Moon in Taurus

12 November 2019

Full Moon in Taurus – 12 November 2019, 13:34, London

The nurturing energies leading up to and during the full moon in Taurus slow down the pace of life, guiding us to step back from the external world, to find stillness, nourish the physical body, rest, sleep more than usual and above all, practise self-love. Taurus and Scorpio call us home, to hear the gentle guidance of the heart whilst grounded in the earth, preparing us for the next stage of the journey and to integrate more light.

The axis between Taurus and the Scorpio sun together with Mercury, retrograde illuminate the themes of survival and personal and shared values and we acknowledge how far we have come as many begin to manifest their dreams and long-term goals are finally reached. This creative energy is potent at the full moon and more can still unfold and valuable insights can be gained. Mercury is retrograde until 20 November 2019.

These flowing energies are potentially transformative as we reflect deeply upon our values, what brings us joy how we love and how materially and emotionally secure we feel in this world. It may be a time to even question if we are living consciously and with purpose. We are called to redefine our needs at this time, to explore innovative ways of becoming more self-sufficient so that ultimately, we can be of greater service to others.

Scorpio guides us to dig beneath the surface and go further, beyond any personal limitations we may have created that prevent us from stepping into our power and being of more value to this world. It is worth remembering that each of us plays a unique and valuable role in the collective’s evolution.

This Venusian moon shines a light on our relationships, especially those who support us on this journey and often mirror how we can evolve further. Naturally, as we align with our true nature, our personal relationships also become more loving, authentic and balanced and we continue to evolve and expand together.

Taurus always brings us back to earth, reminding us to appreciate the natural beauty and abundance of mother earth who holds us gently in her arms and provides for us unconditionally and to give thanks for our physical bodies. At this full moon, spending time in nature, making an offering or simply giving gratitude sets the tone for more love and abundance to enter our world.

My gratitude to Lucy Taprell for donating her image.

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