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Full Moon in Leo

9 February 2020, 7:33am, London

The energy of the full moon in Leo this coming weekend opposite the sun in Aquarius is calling us back to the heart space, to check that we are expressing our individuality fully and sharing our unique qualities and light with the world. If we are out of sync with your uniqueness or in touch with it yet feel unable to take action, then Mars trine the moon can ignite our courage, strength and ambition to change it all. It may be your time to step into the limelight and dare to be different.

This moon also calls us to be creative leaders (from the heart space) which can simply mean taking control of our lives, rather than sitting back and allowing life to unfold, or perhaps being a leader to others in some way. Simply living from the heart space, pursuing our passions and following our heart’s calling naturally enables others to do the same, resulting in more harmony and light in the collective.
Leo/Aquarius help balance the mind and heart strengthening our creative potential to make positive differences to our own lives and the lives of others.
Whilst the Pluto/Saturn/Jupiter aspects continue to roll throughout this year bringing challenges and change in the external world, the energy of this Leo moon is playful, passionate, exciting and creative, guiding us to embrace and ignite the lighter side of life, to have fun, even be a child once more. So, at least this weekend, let’s let go....even a little. Shine your light!
Happy Full Moon 🌕
with love, Siobhán
Full moon, 20 degrees Leo, 7:33, London.
Photo courtesy of Marco Zonta, Unsplash

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