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Full Moon in Gemini

11/12 December 2019


The full moon is always a time of illumination when sudden realisations and new information potentially come to light. Check where Gemini falls in your natal chart to make more sense of how the planetary energies touch your life.

This Gemini full moon relates to communication and symbolises the ‘lower mind’, guiding us to be logical and focused upon details of daily life, to express ourselves clearly and remain curious. It is opposed by the Sagittarius sun, symbolic of the ‘higher mind’, the visionary, the broader perspective and long journey. We are working towards combining both energies.

Gemini is often described as the ‘monkey mind’ so at this time, the head can be bursting with thoughts, ideas, even worries, a feeling of being overwhelmed and unable to see the wood for the trees. At the time of the full moon, Neptune and Mercury in Sagittarius can add to a general sense of confusion, inability to make decisions, even feeling scattered. Interestingly, the full moon falls at the time of the UK election.

However, these energies bring potential to open the higher mind and heart space, to find a clear pathway through the fog and reach renewed states of consciousness.

At this time of year in the northern hemisphere, when we really ought to be resting with the hedgehogs, life speeds up as we approach the Christmas holidays. Gemini reminds us to take care of our mental health and nervous systems which can become wired. Remember to slow down, inhale deeply and release tension and transmute mindless inner chatter on the expiration to create stillness and peace. Time spent candle-gazing, watching the wind in the trees, any meditative practice to switch off from the external buzz is useful as we prepare for significant changes in 2020.

Mars trine Neptune and Uranus trine the north node direct us to come into alignment with our soul’s intentions for this lifetime and take giant leaps forward with faith and open hearts.

Happy Full Moon

With love


Photo by Malith dk, Unsplash

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